Villa Rentals In Orlando: The Perfect Option For These 4 Groups

If you are traveling with a group and want accommodations that will please everyone, a villa rental in Orlando might not immediately spring to mind. However, renting one of our amazing Orlando mansions can be the perfect option and more affordable than you might believe possible. We rent to groups throughout the year, and the following four groups are some of our most common visitors.

1. Reunions

Whether it's a family reunion or group of college or high school friends getting together or another type of reunion all together, one of our three luxurious mansions might be the perfect destination. Everyone can stay together in one single space, yet still have plenty of room to spread out and relax.

We have large gourmet kitchens with all the gear you need to cook breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a crowd, or you can head outdoors and enjoy a barbecue in one of our enormous outdoor kitchens. Additionally, there are activities indoors and outdoors to suit guests of all ages. Video arcades, lavish swimming pools, mini golf and much more will delight everyone in your family or reunion group.

2. Corporate Groups

Too often, company retreats are dull and seen more as something to avoid than something to anticipate. A villa rental in Orlando, however, can transform the typical company outing into an event everyone will remember for years to come. Imagine the fun of "team building"as your employees or co-workers enjoy a game of human foosball or perhaps engage in a karaoke battle or work their way through a laser maze. These are just a few of the fun activities that await guests at their villa rental in Orlando.

Our mansions all include gourmet kitchens, stocked with pots, pans and other cooking equipment, however, we can help you with catering or chef services, as well, and there are several excellent options in our area that are approved as vendors for our three mansion properties. In addition, we also have vendors that can provide your team with special entertainment, such as a poolside Hawaiian luau dinner or perhaps a murder mystery-style event.

Of course, we host many other types of groups throughout the year, everything from church groups to book clubs to hiking clubs and much more. If you belong to group and want to plan a retreat or vacation, our vacation villas are a fantastic choice, providing you with amenities you won't find anywhere else. If your organization is sales tax exempt, we can accommodate this option, as well.

3. Wedding Parties

Your wedding party typically includes the most cherished people in your life, an amazing mix of friends and family. Traditionally, in the rush of wedding madness, these special wedding guests barely spend any time with the nuptial couple. Rent a villa in Orlando, and you truly can spend quality time with your wedding party and there's plenty of space for guests to prepare for the big day.

Of course, our lavish properties are the perfect spot from which to enjoy your wedding ceremony and your reception, and we host many weddings throughout the year at our Orlando villas. Our largest estate, the Ever After Estate, can accommodate a wedding with up to 250 guests. The Great Escape Lakeside can accommodate up to 130 guests, and our Sweet Escape Mansion is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding with up to 75 guests. To find out a bit more about weddings at our rental villas in Orlando, head to the Menu tab on our homepage and select "Weddings.”

4. Families Traveling Together

If you and several other couples are planning a joint vacation, booking your stay at a villa rental in Orlando is ideal. Our three mansions are a short drive from all of the fabulous theme parks and attractions of Orlando, although there are so many things to do at each villa, you might be tempted to never leave your mansion.

Our homes are perfect for families with small children, older children and teenagers as well as a group of couples traveling together. In addition to the many lavish and unique amenities, the homes include all the linens you will need as well as laundry facilities. We also can help you find places that rent cribs and other baby gear, so you don't have to bring these bulky items along.

Our villas can accommodate 45 to 52 guests comfortably, and each home includes multiple kitchens and family rooms, at least 10 bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms as well as a luxurious swimming pool, movie theater, game rooms and much more. To learn more about a villa rental in Orlando, take a virtual tour of each of our three mansion properties. You can access all three websites, by heading to the Menu section of our home page and selecting the Great Escape Lakeside, the Ever After Estate or the Sweet Escape.

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