The 15 bedroom Great Escape Parkside is proof that our homes can serve as destinations where you'll love spending your ENTIRE vacation without having to go anywhere else! EVERY bedroom, bathroom, closet, and corridor brings a different game to life.  One bedroom is an elaborate 360 degree Ms. Pac-Man maze with its own classic multicade machine. Another has 6 modern gaming consoles shared by 6 flat screens mounted to each of 6 beds.  Many will try...but few will unscrambling the word puzzles of the Scrabble Deluxe Bedroom or finding all the pieces of the estate-wide Monopoly property scavenger hunt!  Those who sleep in Parkside's 2 luxury master suites will find themselves either IN the action of Vegas-style casino games or trying to win at television's greatest game show hits. While one wing of the house encompasses an interactive CLUE-themed escape room game, another wing features a uniquely competitive 2 team Risk Vs. Stratego escape room challenge.  There's also an INTENSE laser maze room, a karaoke stage with costume props, a movie theater, full-scale arcade games, a carnival midway, and the world's largest printed maze waiting for you to try to solve it! Outdoors, you'll find the world's first BILLIARD TABLE swimming pool, a lazy river, a super fast slide, a water cannon, a basketball court, tetherball, giant checkers, the "human never be BORED" game, 15' tall soccer darts, human bowling, inflatable whack-a-mole, & so much more! 

Remember - The Great Escape LAKESIDE is a 13 bedroom version of this game-themed estate on a serene, freshwater lake!

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Private Estate Name Number of Bedrooms Sleeping Capacity Acres Approx. Low Rate/Approx. High Rate (not incl. tax & cleaning) Floor Plans
The Great Escape Lakeside 13 45 10 $1495 per nt/$1780 per nt View Floor Plan
The Great Escape Parkside 15 54 10 $1595 per nt/$1980/per nt View Floor Plan
The Ever After Estate 13 43 62 $2985 per nt/$3180 per nt View Floor Plan
The Sweet Escape 11 52 5 $1195 per nt/$1580 per nt View Floor Plan
The Lake Louisa Chateau 12 46 54 $1795 per nt/$2480 per nt View Floor Plan

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