Andrew and Belinda Greenstein at The Great Escape Lakeside Vacation Home Rental Near Orlando, Florida

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Headed by world traveler Andrew Greenstein, our company manages the 4 most extraordinary vacation rental homes in the WORLD! We also do theming & advertising for additional world class properties found on this site. Our estates are all on privately gated acreage, sleep 40 or more guests, and boast outrageous amenities like giant commercial waterslides, indoor rock climbing, mini golf courses, karaoke system, laser tag, a laser maze, escape room games, lazy rivers, movie theaters, outdoor theaters, video game arcades, giant outdoor board games, human bowling, & lots more! Whether you choose to stay at the 10 acre Great Escape Lakeside with its 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, play at The Sweet Escape in its karaoke night club, vacation at the 15 bedroom, game-filled Great Escape Parkside... or rent the entire 62 acre private marsh island known as The Ever After Estate, securing an Orlando area vacation rental home from us will provide you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Most guests have large family reunions on site and never leave to go elsewhere! Some guests even host weddings or large-scale corporate retreats. After all, these aren't just homes, they're experiences... If you can't find availability at our core 4 homes, check out the one(s) we theme and market for other homeowners like The Lake Louisa Chateau!
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that The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Great Escape Parkside nearly sold out a year in advance before it even opened, and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!