Want Orlando Resorts? 4 Reasons To Book A Mansion Instead

Orlando has no shortage of hotels, motels and vacation rentals, but no Orlando resorts or accommodations can compare to our exceptional mansion rentals. If you are thinking about booking a stay at a local hotel or resort, here are a few reasons that might entice you to book a stay at one of our luxurious mansions instead.

1. Our Mansions Offer Privacy & Serenity

More than 60 million people visit Orlando every year, and most of them stay fairly close to the theme parks. Hotels and resorts typically are packed with guests and while there are plenty of great places to stay, few Orlando resorts or hotels offer the peace and quiet that most of us appreciate on vacation. After a day at Disneyworld or Universal Studios, you might truly enjoy getting away from the downtown crowds and simply relaxing in a more peaceful environment.

Our luxury mansion rentals are set on large properties, ranging from five acres up to 62 acres. No resort, hotel or vacation rental in Orlando offers the level of serenity and privacy we can provide at Orlando Area Luxury Resorts & Rentals. You won't be bothered by the sounds of neighbors, and you won't have to share amenities with multitudes of other travelers. Instead, you can enjoy comfort, privacy and amenities at your own private resort without any of the typical hassles you'd find at Orlando resorts and hotels.

2. Unparalleled Comfort & Accommodations

Even if you book a stay at some of the swankiest Orlando resorts, you still basically live out of a suitcase in a single room and, at most, a two-room suite. While many resorts do boast spacious rooms, it's not really a place where you can simply sit and relax and truly enjoy a vacation. These resort rooms are mainly a place to sleep and hang out for a bit before you head out to a theme park or dinner.

Each of our homes includes spacious bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms, huge gourmet kitchens, massive family rooms and plenty of other spots where you can relax. You can grill in the outdoor kitchens or prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the in-door kitchens, which are stocked with all of the cooking equipment you might need.

Each home also boasts its own unique theme, and the guest bedrooms are decorated to match that theme. For instance, the Great Escape Lakeside features a "game"theme, and room décor was inspired by famous games such as Scrabble, Pac Man, Operation and Clue. The Casino Games Suite is every Vegas lovers drain and includes two slot machines, a full-sized blackjack table and a round king-sized bed.

3. Unique Amenities You Won't Find At Any Resort

After a day of exploring Orlando, you simply head back to your room, sit on the bed and watch TV. It's not exactly a memorable experience, but what if coming back to your accommodations was something you really anticipated? What if going back to your vacation rental was as exciting as everything else you did that day? Book a stay at one of our lavish Orlando mansions, and you might be so enthralled by our amenities that you don't even venture into Orlando.

Each of our luxury rentals includes a pool, of course, but our pools aren't just your basic hotel pool. At the Great Escape Lakeside, the massive 40,000-gallon pool includes a hot tub, tunnel waterslide and a lazy river. At the Sweet Escape, you'll find the world's only ice cream cone-shaped swimming pool complete with a Hershey chocolate slide and a cherry-on-top hot tub. At the Ever After Estate, you'll enjoy a waterfall-fed lagoon pool with a waterslide.

But that's not all. In fact, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Additional outdoor amenities range from outdoor movie theaters, human bowling alleys and human foosball courts, volleyball & basketball courts, mini golf, playgrounds, trampolines, a giant Candyland game, tetherball, kayaking, canoeing, bass fishing and more.

Inside each home, you'll find another set of amenities just as unique as the outdoor amenities. Each home includes a posh movie theater, where guests can select movies from our huge selection of DVDs, and these theater rooms also include luxury reclining seats as well as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii game consoles. Additionally, you will find game rooms stocked with pinball machines, class video games, pool tables, a giant chess set, a massive wall-size Lite Brite, air hockey and ping pong tables.

4. Stay Together As A Group

Group vacations can be a blast. However, at Orlando resorts, guests might spend the day together but, in the evenings, it can be tough to find a spot where a large group can just hang out and relax. At our luxury rental mansions, families and friends take over the entire house so you truly can enjoy each other's company at any time.

If you are traveling with small children, our Orlando vacation homes are ideal. After all, in a hotel, once the kids go to sleep, it's typically the job of at least one parent to stay in the hotel room to watch over the children. At a private home, however, both parents can head downstairs and enjoy their fellow guests, knowing that their children are safe and sound. Of course, the many amenities will keep older children and teens entertained for hours, allowing the grown-ups to enjoy some fun adult time.

Take a look at our three luxury Orlando mansions to see which option is the best fit for your needs. Our mansions sleep 45 to 52 guests comfortably, with 10 or more bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms, as well. To see each of our properties, simply head to our homepage and click on the orange See Our Vacation Rentals tab in the middle of the page. After that, you will find links to each mansion's website which includes detailed information about the property, inside and out.

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that The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Great Escape Parkside nearly sold out a year in advance before it even opened, and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!