Vacation Rentals In Orlando: Planning A Perfect Reunion

If you are planning a family reunion or another type of reunion, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by this task. Throughout the year, our vacation rentals in Orlando are host to many reunion groups and we've compiled a list of helpful tips that might make coordinating a large reunion far easier.

1. Find The Perfect Location

Finding the best possible location is one of the biggest challenges associated with planning a reunion. You need to find a spot large enough to accommodate your entire group, but also find a location where it's easy for everyone to hang out and be social. A motel or hotel certainly isn't conducive to this, and most vacation rentals in Orlando cannot accommodate larger parties. This means you might end up with family members spread among several rentals, or you might crowd too many people into a single rental, which doesn't make it easy for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

Our vacation rentals in Orlando are the perfect solution. Our properties aren't just house rentals; they are luxurious mansions that accommodate 45 to 52 guests comfortably. Each mansion includes at least 10 bedrooms with additional sleeping areas available. Our mansions also include multiple living rooms and huge gourmet kitchens. But the amenities don't stop there; each home includes video arcades, game rooms, a movie theater and a lavish swimming pool.

Each house also includes its own set of unique amenities and features. For instance, at the Great Escape Lakeside, you'll can fish, kayak or canoe on the lake or enjoy some fun at the basketball, volleyball or tetherball courts. The property also includes human foosball and human bowling games as well as a giant chess set and a giant Connect 4, a mystery escape room, a laser maze and much more. Each bedroom also features a unique theme, which will delight guests young and old.

2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

After you've set the date and reserved vacation rentals in Orlando, there are still plenty of tasks to be handled. However, rather than having just one family member handle these tasks, it can be best to simply divide and conquer. Have one family member act as a transportation specialist, looking up airline information or planning the best driving routes. Another family member can act as the liaison with our staff, managing the budget and payment for the accommodations as well as tracking who will be attending and assigning bedrooms. Still another family member might act as the entertainment coordinator, providing a list of activities that might be of interest to the entire group.

3. Divide Up Cooking Duties

Each of our mansions includes at least one fully stocked indoor kitchen, and all of the homes include outdoor cooking areas or outdoor kitchens. You'll find all the pots, pans, utensils and cooking equipment you might need in these kitchens, so it is not necessary to bring along any equipment.

Have one family member act as the meal coordinator and divide up the cooking tasks so that one person doesn't end up with all the cooking chores. You might assign one breakfast and one dinner to each family group and have everyone go on their own for lunches. After all, you might be out and about during lunchtime, so it might not be feasible to plan for this middle-of-the-day meal. To make this a bit more fun, you might come up with special theme dinners, such as a backyard barbecue, a Mexican fiesta or an Italian night or perhaps something even more creative. Perhaps you will enjoy an evening filled with favorite family recipes or a vegetarian feast. Make sure the food coordinator is aware of any special food restrictions or allergies so that everyone can plan their special meals accordingly.

4. Make The First Day Easy

Typically on the arrival day, people are tired from travel and everyone might be arriving at different times. Rather than cooking up a lavish meal, consider something easy for your first night, such as having pizza delivered or perhaps just opting for sandwiches and salads, which can be served at any time. If you wish to have the first night's dinner catered, we have several local companies and private chefs that can provide these services.

When it comes to first-day activities, you definitely won't need to plan anything special. Aside from the joy of seeing family members or long-lost friends, our vacation rentals in Orlando are so packed with amazing activities, your whole group will want to explore and enjoy every inch of the home on that first day.

5. Plan A Few Activities

If you have one or two family members designated as activity directors, it can be fun for them to plan at least one activity for each day. Orlando offers a myriad of attractions suitable for guests of all ages from theme parks to museums to fishing excursions and airboat treks. However, these activities certainly don't have to momentous undertakings and you don't even have to leave your rental mansion to enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled day.

For instance, you might have one day designated for a pool party and you certainly don't have to leave the mansion grounds to do that. You could schedule a game of human foosball, followed by showing of family movies in your mansion's home theater. Perhaps you'll end the day with a karaoke competition or a family game night. To make activity planning easier, ask for suggestions from all family members and select activities that seemed to appeal the majority of your relatives.

To learn more about each of our remarkable vacation rentals in Orlando, head to the Menu section at the top of our homepage. There you will find links to each of our three luxurious mansions as well as details about amenities and answers to frequently asked questions.

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