Orlando mansions for rent: 4 Reasons To Book A Stay

If you are searching for accommodations in Orlando, our city has plenty of options. However, if you are searching for something truly unique and fabulous, here are five reasons why you need to book a stay at our Orlando mansions for rent.

1. Spacious Accommodations For Large Groups

Too often, large groups end up divided into individual hotel rooms or spread among several houses. This makes it difficult for people to mix, mingle and enjoy themselves. Our Orlando mansion rentals easily accommodate 45 to 52 guests, so everyone can stay together. The rentals are ideal for company retreats, family reunions, church groups, wedding party accommodations and family vacations.

Each mansion includes at least 10 bedrooms and bathrooms per home, and we also have plush sofa beds, trundle beds, rollaway beds and portable cribs to accommodate guests of all ages. There are multiple living rooms and at least two fully-stocked, gourmet kitchens in each mansion.

2. Unsurpassed Amenities

Of course, having all of that space is great, but what about ambiance? Our Orlando mansions rentals provide guests with amenities beyond their wildest imaginations. In fact, many of our guests will spend their entire vacation enjoying the amenities of their luxury rental and skip a trip to Disneyworld and the many other enticing attractions of Orlando.

Each home includes a spacious indoor movie theater and one or more arcades stocked with video games. Individual estates include amenities such as an indoor laser maze, an escape room, billiard rooms, slot machines, a giant chess set, a giant Lite Brite wall, a discotheque with karaoke and games rooms stocked with ping-pong, foosball and air hockey.

In addition to the many fun amenities, each bedroom in every mansion includes a unique theme. For instance, the Ever After Estate includes 12 bedrooms with fanciful themes. One was inspired by “Beauty and the Beast,” while another resembles the Gryffindor dorm rooms from the Harry Potter series. This home also includes a Star Wars-themed room, a James Bond-themed room and even a John Wayne-themed room.

Our Sweet Escape mansion features 10 bedrooms, each with a theme based on a sweet treat or beverage. For instance, the Pepsi Pinball Diner bedroom includes an antique Pepsi vending machine, a pinball machine and Pepsi-themed decorations as well as a custom mural of a 50s-era diner on one wall. Other rooms include themes based upon treats such as Oreo cookies and Milky Way candy bars.

The Great Escape mansion is a gamer’s delight with 13 bedrooms that were decorated in honor of a famous board game or video game. You’ll find a room decorated with a Clue theme as well as a Monopoly-themed bedroom and even an Operation-themed bedroom that includes a giant, working replica of this famous game on one wall.

3. Outdoor Activities

Each mansion rental includes a private pool, and these aren’t just a basic swimming pool with a couple of chaise lounges. These are high-end, resort-quality pools that must be seen to be believed. One pool was designed in the shape of an ice cream cone, complete with a waterslide and a cherry-shaped hot tub. Another pool includes two waterslides, a hot tub and a lazy river. Our third mansion includes a lagoon pool with a waterslide surrounded by towering palms, creating the perfect tropical oasis.

Additionally, there are plenty of other outdoor adventures you can enjoy on the grounds of each mansion. Homes offer outdoor amenities such as playgrounds, outdoor movie theaters, bass fishing, basketball courts, trampolines, mini golf courses, giant outdoor chess, a human foosball court, canoeing, kayaking and more.

4. Each Rental Is A Private Retreat

While most Orlando mansions rentals are spacious, they typically do not offer the privacy you’ll find at our retreats. Rather than renting a home where you can see into the next door neighbor’s yard or windows, why not rent a mansion on a spacious property? One of our mansions is located on a lush, five-acre property. Another mansion rests on 10 waterfront acres, and our third mansion is secluded on a 62-acre estate. You can enjoy outdoor fun to your heart’s content without worrying about bothering neighbors or vice-versa.

5. Surprisingly Affordable

The average hotel room in Orlando costs more than $100 per night. A week’s stay for basic lodging alone easily can run more than $1,000. Of course, no hotels, motels or resorts in Orlando come close to offering the number of amenities you will enjoy at our Orlando mansion rentals. If you split the cost among a group of friends, families or co-workers, our rates are surprising affordable. Depending on the time of year you book, our weekend rates start as low as $100 per person per night if you bring along 45 or more guests.


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.... that The Sweet Escape was called "..more fun than Disney" by Travel & Leisure Magazine, The Ever After Estate was featured on HGTV's "Most Outrageous Homes In America," and The Great Escape Lakeside was on Fox News and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records?!!