• Hidalgo Chef Svc./Maurice – 407-461-2014

    Maurice is extremely talented at everything from quick comfort foods to highly customized menus. He's an excellent choice for having daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Many of our guests have hired Maurice &  Hidalgo Catering to cook either that 1 special meal or even 2-3 meals per day for them throughout their stay. He can also do a "Welcome BBQ" at check-in or a departure breakfast on departure day! See more at:            

  • River City Catering & Chefs - 407-324-4343

    A leading provider of excellent on-site cuisine, River City offers customizable menus and can handle any event from a small family dinner to a large-scale wedding. They also provide a fantastic welcome BBQ and farewell brunch. Check out sample menus at: www.orlandoarealuxuryrentals.com/rivercity.pdf  

  • "Top Chef" Catering - 407-376-2433

    A group of culinary artists featuring Chef John Procacci.

    As with other chefs, John's menus are completely customizable but his dishes tend to be of more of a gourmet, "high-end" caliber for discerning palets. Definitely give him a call if you're seeking that one unforgettable meal or a vacation full of memorable delicacies.


  • Hawaiian Luaus On Site! - 407-902-7493 (Atwinda)

    YES! You can actually have a large-scale Hawaiian luau poolside at the Estate! There will be hula girls, Polynesian decor, a firedancer, music, &  more. You can even opt for a ceremonial pig roast! Dozens of families and corporate groups have experienced the entertainment and luxury of having their very own customized on-site Hawaiian luau...It's every bit as elaborate as the ones at the theme parks...but it's all for just YOU and YOUR group or family...set up and performed precisely how YOU choose! (Sometimes they'll even let you use one of our other vendors for the catering and just have them do the show & theme!). Check out:

  • Chiropractic Care Home Calls!

    Dr. Christine  Ruane makes house calls (usually on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Sundays…plus, sometimes on Saturdays!)…She’s fully equipped to do chiropractic adjustments, cupping, scraping, and other forms of rehabilitation. Call Dr. Ruane at 941-228-0155

  • DJs & Music

    Look no further. The BEST DJ service around is absolutely at this number: 407-876-3878. They'll provide professional DJing to suit the tastes of any group at all. In addition to excelling at mixing music, your DJ will also serve as an excellent emcee. Options for karaoke and even fun, interactive party games are available too! Remember: Noise cutoff is at 9:30pm

  • On-Site Massages

    Enjoy a massage by the pool (or anywhere on site you prefer!). Some guests have even had one or more massage therapists on call all day long so that each member of their group could receive a massage! We STRONGLY recommend contacting Amy Hager at 352-603-0025 for INCREDIBLE, authentic THAI massage. It's the ULTIMATE in total body relaxation-- Amy has a video overview of her massages by clicking HERE. Rates start at $95/hour+gratuity with a 2 hour minimum... Alternatively, you can call Patricia for a Western-style massage at 407-668-2752. Patricia offers a full menu of relaxing service options including table massage, chair massage, Swedish, hot stones, & more! Rates are approximately $110/hour with a $225 minimum+gratuity.

  • The Harry Potter Experience

    Have Harry Potter (and optionally Ron Weasley) show up for a magical 45 minute session featuring photos, crafts, and more! This is A MUST do for any fans of Harry Potter. These costumed role players are extremely talented and detail-orientated. Guests keep telling us the experience is incredibly immersive and realistic! Call 407-669-9702 to book or go to this link --to read details!

  • Airboat Rides (Ever After Estate Guests Only)

    Have local airboat captain Steve Thorn whisk you away from our grassy lawns  and right into scenic freshwater lakes & marshlands where you're likely to spot wildlife, experience quite a thrill...and be out in nature completely away from everyone else! You're unlikely to even see any other airboats! This is a pretty unique and unforgettable travel experience! Steve will take 2-3 people from your group for 10-15 minutes at a time and then return to trade those 2-3 out for another 2-3 people from your group. Steve requests that we pass along any booking requests to him. Text message Andrew or Ginger at 352-250-4220 if you'd like to arrange it!

  • Tents, Tables, & Chair Rentals

    The following businesses are authorized to come to our properties to deliver, set up, & remove tents, tables, chairs, etc;

    • 1. Jan’s Party Rentals - 786-457-4179 (ask for Jan or Bibbi)
      A locally-owned store, Jan’s is run by a husband and wife team who take great pride in providing excellent service. If you’re having a smaller gathering and need only basic tents/tables/chairs, Jan’s is the way to go. Jan’s site is www.janspartyrental.com

    • 2. Rent-a-Land - 407-851-7368 (ask for Hailee)
      These guys provide just about every sort of tent/table/chair rental imaginable—even air-conditioned tents! They know the “ins and outs” of our property very well and will respect all rules and time considerations.  They have high-end, medium-range, and more. Hailee can help design a plan to fit your budget. See: www.rentalandparties.com for more details!

  • Sweet Confections - Baked & DELIVERED!

    There's no sweeter way to start your vacation than to have locally basked cookies, cupcakes, and other confections delivered to your family or group in bulk. All items are delivered on check-in day! Check out menu options & pricing by clicking here

  • A Visit From SKYLAR, The Wonder Dog

    An unforgettable vacation experience. A highly trained, extremely personal therapy dog named Skylar will make a one hour visit with her kind & compassionate best friend/owner. Skylar will entertain, love, and leave a lasting impression. She'll even swim and excitedly go down the waterslide! (She may hesitate before sliding at Great Escape Parkside but will race her way down the slides at our other properties every time!). Call 352-988-7179 to book a visit from Skylar or read more by clicking here. or....watch a preview video of Skylar by clicking here!

  • High-Energy, Fun Poolside Workout Classes

    Local trainer, Philip Green is smart, funny, and charismatic. A trained athlete and highly-qualified trainer, Phil will create customized pool workouts for everyone in your group to enjoy simultaneously. Each program will be tailored to the newcomers in your group, to the athletes in your group, and to the casual gym goers in your group. All levels of fitness are welcome-- Any group size is a flat $295. Call or text Phil at: 407-257-7205

  • Cribs & Stroller Rentals

    Each of our properties maintains 2-3 pack-n-plays but if you think you'll need more cribs...or if you're planning to spend days in the theme parks and don't want to deal with bringing your own strollers...then the ONLY crib/stroller company authorized & approved to deliver on site to our estates is www.abbf.com or call them at 407-891-2241

  • Painting Parties With A Talented Artist!

    Bring over the personable, super-talented Nicole Burnett to have a full-scale, on-site painting party at the house. Nicole brings the fun, the supplies, and her skills. You bring the people and your creative ideas. Nicole will help you relax, have a good time, and elevate everyone's art skills!  Call Nicole at 561-221-1707 or visit her website here.

  • On Site Photography

    Family/Group Photography  - 352-267-1365 (Bonnie Gearhart)
    Bonnie has photographed family reunions, weddings, engagements, & more. She's particularly skilled at showcasing your best look against the very best backdrops at our estates. You'll get beautiful photos taken by an experienced photographer. She's also excellent to work with and very hospitable! See her work at: 

  • See Our FULL List of Fun Stuff & Menus

    Check out a list including these and potentially other... approved vendors, chefs, etc; at https://www.orlandoarealuxuryrentals.com/vendors.pdf.
    If they're on that list, they're permitted to come to the properties we manage!