Helpful Hints For Your Stay!

Renter's Manuals & Area Attractions/Eateries 
Sure, Central Florida has plenty of theme parks and huge, commercial attractions....but check out these links for info on truly local, Clermont area things to do! The first part each link contains a RENTER'S MANUAL -- and the last few pages are filled with area info! Note: The Sweet Escape file starts off with that estate's scavenger hunt! Answer all of the questions correctly and you'll win a free night when you return to Sweet Escape for subsequent stays. No harm in sharing the file with your whole group and getting a headstart!

Area Attractions, Renter's Manual (Ever After Estate).... Click here to view it!
Area Attractions, Renter's Manual (Great Escape Lakeside).... Click here to view it!
Area Attractions, Renter's Manual (Sweet Escape).... Click here to view it!

Private Chefs, On-Site Massage, Hired Entertainment, & More
Pamper yourselves while staying at the estate! We have a list of approved vendors for chef services, massage therapy, and more. Each service listed works independently but has a track record of providing excellent service for our clients. Please remember that you may not have any other outside vendors come on property without Orlando Area Luxury Rental's express, written permission. Click here for the approved vendors list!

Need help working any equipment ? See helpful video tutorials!
Even if you're reading this before you arrive, checking out some of these helpful videos certainly can't hurt.
Click here for Ever After Estate tutorials.
Click here for Sweet Escape tutorials.
Click here for Great Escape Lakeside tutorials.

Keep Costs Down...

Security Deposits - Many guests find it helpful to review a few tips to help avoid deductions from their security deposits. We certainly want you to have a GREAT time at the home but you should also sit down with everyone in your group on the very first day and remind them that it's a real home, with real possessions, and that you're responsible for taking care of them. Of course, we understand that SOME things will break now and then and that's OK! There are probably a lot of people in your group and "things to happen." We just want you to make sure that everyone is having fun BUTalso  acting responsibly and aware of their responsibilities to care for the items of the house. Prior to sending out this advanced e-mail, each year, approximately 23% of our guests got SOME deduction from their security deposit. Of course, 77% had no deductions at all-but we hope this list will help improve those numbers even more. We definitely have found that groups who have a 'sitdown' the first day to review the rules-tend to be the groups with no charges against their security deposit. Click here to read how to avoid some of the most common security deposit deductions while still having fun!

Floor Plans
Click any link below to checkout a floor plan of the estate at which you'll be staying!
The Ever After Estate Floor Plan
The Sweet Escape Floor Plan
The Great Escape Lakeside Floor Plan