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Pool/Spa Heat

Powerful heaters will be used to protect the pool from getting too cold. Pool heat will begin a day before you arrive so the water is ready by the time you get to the property. You’ll be able to use an on-site keypad to switch between pool heat and spa heat. Depending on the weather, the spa will take anywhere from about 20 to 45 minutes to warm up. In the unlikely event that Central Florida experiences extremely cold overnight lows, the electric heaters may automatically shutdown for a few hours to project themselves. This usually occurs on an occasional night or two in January and/or February. When this happens, pool temps may fall into the 70s at night/morning—which is still swimmable but not especially warm.

Spa Heat Only

If you select “spa heat only,” the pool itself will not be heated but you’ll be able to turn the spa heat on as often as you like. (It’ll be on a 2-3 hour protective “egg timer” but you can restart it at the end of each session if needed!) Please note spa heat must be purchased for the entirety of your stay or be omitted for your your stay. It cannot be applied to select, individual days. During most of the year, it’ll take about 20 minutes for the spa to reach temperature but during Florida’s rare colder periods, it could take at least 45 minutes.

Mid-Stay Cleanings:
Add one or more professional, mid-stay cleanings for just $385