Catering & Private Chefs

The following private chefs are approved/authorized to prepare & serve food on site. Each of them has received rave reviews from our clients and knows the
"ins and outs" of our properties.             

Sorry! - Guests may NOT hire any other (unlisted) outside chefs to cook on-site without going through a fairly extensive approval process.
We're confident that one or more of the following chefs will provide precisely what you're looking for! 
                                                Hidalgo Chef Svc./Maurice – 407-461-2014                                    
Maurice is extremely talented at everything from quick comfort foods
to highly customized menus. Excellent choice for having daily breakfasts &
lunches (as well as dinner service). Many of our guests have hired Maurice &
Hidalgo Catering to cook 2-3 meals per
day for them throughout their stay! See more at


            River City Catering & Chefs - 407-324-4343            
A  leading provider of excellent on-site cuisine, River City offers customizable
menus and can handle any event from a small family dinner to a large-scale
wedding. They also provide a fantastic welcome BBQ and farewell brunch. Check it
out at:  




            "Top Chef" Catering - 407-376-2433
A group of culinary artists featuring Chef John Procacci.
Menus are customizable and food tends to be of a gourmet, "high-end" caliber.
Definitely give them a call if you're seeking an unforgettable meal.