Airboat Rides (EA & GE1 Guests Only*)

Have local airboat captain Steve Thorn whisk you away from our grassy lawns  and right into scenic freshwater lakes & marshlands where you're likely to spot wildlife, experience quite a thrill...and be out in nature completely away from everyone else! You're unlikely to even see any other airboats! This is a pretty unique and unforgettable travel experience!

Steve will take 2-3 people from your group for 10-15 minutes at a time and then return to trade those 2-3 out for another 2-3 people from your group.

Rates are $395 for the first hour and $295 for each additional hour. Add $50/hour for nighttime wildlife expeditions.

Steve requests that we pass along any booking requests to him. As a local airboat captain & mechanic who spends most of his time locally in nature, he's difficult to reach! If you'd like to hire him for airboat rides, let us know and we'll literally have someone swing by Steve's shop within a day or request him on your behalf! Text message Andrew or Ginger at 352-250-4220 if you'd like to arrange it!